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Advanced Protection Services Inc. realizes that in today's society we must take extra measures to protect our homes and businesses from intruders. Since 2003, we have been providing state-of-the-art alarm, video surveillance, access control, and security equipment to residential, commercial, and government clients in the Tri-Cities Washington state area. Call 509-545-0752 to speak with one of our expert security consultants.


A peace is mind of priceless, which is why we offer alarms that can be configured to detect intrusions, smoke, heat, rising water, and carbon monoxide. We will discuss with you with which system will be best for protecting your family and home from events that can be life threatening or property damaging. We understand response time is can make all of the difference in the case of an emergency and our systems automatically notify authorities when certain conditions arise.


Our commercial alarm systems include alarm verification technology to reduce the incidence of false alarms. An operator will verify it is a true alarm before dispatching the authorities. Audible alarm systems and security cameras deter would be burglars and decrease the overall crime in commercial and business settings. We have the expertise to recommend total solutions that accommodate your commercial needs and budget.


Advanced Protection Services Inc. will assist you with protecting property, employees, clients, and evidence with monitored panic alarms, access control and motion detection equipment. We will professionally install CCTV and digital video allowing you to monitor and review daily and nightly activities any time of the day. Fire, smoke, and heat sensors will notify the correct authorities when potential danger arises.

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Fire Alarms
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Intrusion Alarms
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